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Blog on Request – Metaphor Hacker

Blog on Request

I needed a place to keep track of ideas I may want to blog about. So here it is – completely drafty and non-binding. If anyone has any preference for what the next post should be about, I’d be more than happy to oblige:

  • Narrative fallacies of multilingual education
  • There’s no such thing as science
  • The conceptual structure of capitalism
  • Adjectives as metaphors
  • Metaphorical structure of the moral compass
  • Negotiation over the conceptual structure of political controversies
  • Mr Data’s emotion chip and the fundamental gap in our understanding of the mind
  • What if the legal system was based on metaphorical rather than logical rationality (and why it in part is already)
  • Appeals to reason as a rhetorical ploy
  • Turing test of educational achievement: A signalling metaphor
  • Cultures of life and death and metaphorical blindness
  • Is intellectual property theft?
  • Why don’t metaphorical hawks eat metaphorical doves?: The case of the missing metaphor