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May 2011 – Metaphor Hacker
Blending Metaphor

You don’t have to be a xenophobe to think Britain being an island matters, but it helps!

I have a distinct feeling of writing about this somewhere but can’t find it, so here’s the rant redux. The images on which our thinking and reasoning are based can sometimes exert a powerful force. There are many mechanisms we use to counter that force but sometimes it is very difficult. It seems particularly difficult […]

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The natural logistics of life: The Internet really changes almost nothing

This is a post that has been germinating for a long time. But it was most immediately inspired by Marshall Poe‘s article claiming that “The Internet Changes Nothing“. And as it turns out, I mostly agree. OK, this may sound a bit paradoxical. Twelve years ago, when I submitted my first column to be published, […]

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When is subtle manipulation of data a flat out lie? Truth about Chinese prisons [UPDATE]

I’ve been on a China kick lately (reading and listening about its history and global position) and a crime public policy kick (reading and listening to Mark Kleiman). I was struck when I heard Mark say in an interview that the US has more people in jail in absolute terms than China. So I went […]